The Emigration from Iceland to North America

23 May 2008   Newsletter - Nr 65

 From the desk of yours truly

Eventually everything comes to an end. Even this product of mine, a bit bewildering called Newsletter. Yes, I have now decided to bring an end to what has been imminent for a long time. My interest has been dwindling, maybe because of - or at least partly because of my readers lack of interest. Well, ever since my first Newsletter in February 2003, it has been fun most of the time writing these numbers, knowing - or at least believing that readers are eagerly waiting for the wisdom I'm spreading. Haha!!
As you can see, this is the 65th number of the "publication" which started out as a "Weekly Newsletter". Oh boy, what an optimist. Anyway, this number included means that on an average this product has been a "Monthly Newsletter". So - speaking with solemnity - this is an end of an era, thanks to you who stayed with me, lean back, have a cup of coffe or something, click on this Index link and read all back numbers of this Newsletter. Have fun. Case closed.

 A search for some individuals
Gudmundur Jonsson born 3 May 1877 in Rangarvallasysla, Southern Iceland. Not known when he emigrated. Not listed in Vesturfaraskra (the emigration records). It's known that he lived in Vancouver, B.C., probably as a tailor. Would appreaciate any information.
Steinunn Jonsdottir born 1863 in Iceland. Not known when she emigrated. Married 1897 in Winnipeg Thorgeir Asmundsson who emigrated in 1888. They lived in Bellingham, Wash. for several years, then in Portland, Or. and finally in Los Angeles, where they died. According to Almanak 1942 and Icelanders on the Pacific Coast they had 8 children, six of them reached to be adult:
Elin Maria, b. 1898, Asmundur Johannes, b. 1900, Hogni Jon, b. 1901, Thorsteinn Magnus, b. 1903 and Ingolfur Victor, b. 1907.
Any information on the descendants would be appreaciated as relatives in Iceland wants to know about them. Jonina Gudrun Gudjonsdottir, b. 1878 in Arnessysla, Southern Iceland, emigrated 24 years old in 1902.
In my records I have Jonina Gudjonsdottir Thordarson, Ingi Thordarson's widow, b. 1878, d. 21 Nov 1946 at her home in Gimli, Man. That could be her. Then, who was Ingi Thordarson? No one is listed with that name in the Book of Emigration records. He might of course have been born in Canada. Any information available?
Magnia Margret Thorarinsdottir, b. 1874 in Arnessysla, emigrated in 1901, 27 years old. Where to? What became of her?

 Beautiful Iceland
Oraefi. South east Iceland, Skaftafellsjokull glacier in background.
Photo courtesy: Mats Wibe Lund

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