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Welcome! If you fancy Icelandic Postal Stationery then this is the website for you. If you don't - well, this is anyway a website for you. Here you can be acquainted with these interesting items and learn a bit about them, whether it is Postcards, Letter- cards, Printed matter cards or Aerogrammes and then you will fancy Icelandic Postal Stationery. I believe so.
Hálfdan Helgason is my name, I live in Reykjavík, Iceland. - For more than 30 years I have collected and studied Icelandic Postal Stationery, I have exhibited and judged at national, Nordic and International exhibitions, so I know these items pritty well.
This website is not representing any Postal Stationery exhibit and not intended to be a Postal Stationery catalog or a handbook in its sense, rather a small lens held up for interested to magnify and clear up things that we find interesting and a bit uncertain, and at last but not least an informal venue for discussions so please tell me what's on your mind regarding Icelandic Postal Statio- nery. Probably we can solve things together. My address is in the barline below.
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What is on . . .?
Well, every now and then one or even two Icelandic Postal Stationery items will be put up here on show, either because they are very beutiful and a feast to the eyes or there might be some questions related to the cards which would be interesting to find some answeres to.
So what do we have here?
Two interesting Ship letters.
The upper one is the 10 aurar card from King Christian IX issue of 1902. It was sent 24 April 1907 from Reykjavik to Germany. Obviously not on the ordinary route, Reykjavik, Leith, Copenhagen, since the card was transit cancelled four days later, 28 April, in STORNOWAY, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland so the boat has been heading along the west coast of Scotland, maybe to Glasgow, or maybe even down to Liverpool, England. Who knows? The card has an arrival cancellation Hamburg in Germany, first of May.
The second card here was sold at an auction in England some months ago. A very nice 5 aurar card issued in 1900 and sent from Flateyri in the West Fjords in Iceland to France in 1902. The postcard rate to UPU countries was 10 aurar at that time so therefore the additional 5 aurar stamp. The cancel is a very rare Crown cancel, FLATEYRI, and the card bears a HULL SHIP LETTER transit mark as well as the postmark of the final destinaton Vosges in the North-east of France.
By clicking the card you will get a bigger and clearer picture of this fine item which owner is unknown to me. But he is to be congratulated!

I greatfully accept good scans of Icelandic Postal Stationery and would like to put them up on show at this website.


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