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Mr. Thomsen´s New Year greeting Cards
Dethlef Thomsen (1867-1939) was a prominent figure and successful business man in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, for many years like his father, H. Th. A. Thomsen (1834-1899) and grandfather Ditlef Thomsen (1803-1857) had been. In the hands of Dethlef Thomsen the business, Thomsens Magasin, had a great boost and around 1900 spanned several departments in many buildings as can be seen on well known greeting cards sent in the end of year 1903 to customers "with gratitude for the business in the passing year" and a wish for a "good and happy new year".
Of course it is not known how many cards were sent, but no cards have been found sent to places outside Reykjavik, and in spite of the huge business Thomsen had with Denmark and Germany - he was a Consul for Germany - no greeting cards have been found to those countries.
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Well, one card is actually known which seems to have been forwarded to Copenhagen, Denmark. But this is obviously a manipulation. The manipulator has found a 3 aurar Í GILDI stamp with a cancel almost perfectly matching the one on the card - if it would be soaked off, a complete cancel is bound to be seen on the card. And further: Who would put an additional postage, sufficient for postage to Denmark, on a card sent locally in Reykjavík.
Many collectors have speculated about these cards. Were they actually sent through the post, or were they produced, i.e. printed and cancelled to order and later provided by the company's secretary - or someone else - with an addressee? Well, Hinrik Jónsson one of those on the list of "Thomsen´s cards" was an assisting clerk in Thomsens magasin 1895 to 1897. He died in March 1903, nine months before the cards were "sent"! Another one on the list is Sigurjón Vald. Árnason who was drowned 4 April 1903! Many other names are more or less suspicious. My opinion? Well, these cards were never sent through the Post.

Picture taken by an unknown French tourist in July 1910.

Thomsens Magasin's New Year greetings.

1879. Overprint type II

1889. Overprint type II

1895. Overprint type I

1895. Overprint type II. - Can you help with a good scan?

1900. Overprint type I

1900. Overprint type II

See the list of all 84 Mr. Thomsen´s New Year greeting Cards known to me here!


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