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Stationery cards with overprint Í GILDI, type III
Any collector of Icelandic Postal Stationery is aware of the Í GILDI / '02-'03 overprint. These cards are rare postally used, most of them are the so called Thomsen New Year greeting cards. Especially rare are the cards overprinted 13th of May 1903 with the Type III overprint (5,7 mm). Below are four such cards and all are sent on the same day to the same person, Herrn H. Mörbitz in Dresden. One card is sent by Gleerup, whoever he was. Another one is sent by some Jeppesen and the card overprinted with Type II is sent by some Anderson. Sent by three "different" persons having the same handwriting.
Please - if you have or know of any card postally used with overprint Type III - let me know. I would like to know on what card and to where it was sent.

Reply card of a double 10 aurar Í GILDI type III

5 aurar single card Í GILDI type III
uprated with 5 aurar Chr. IX

10 aurar registered double card Í GILDI type III,
Registration fee was 15 aurar.

Reverse of the card at left
Would be interesting to know about this Gleerup.

10 aurar single card Í GILDI type III.
Post card rate to Germany 10 aurar.

Reverse of the card at left. Mr. Jeppesen seems to have the same handwriting as Gleerup above and Andersen below

10 aurar registered double card Í GILDI type III
Registration rate 15 aurar to Germany.

Reverse of the card at left
It's Jeppesen again.

Card with Type II overprint, sent to Herrn H. Mörbitz in Dresden by "some" Andersen.

8 aurar double card Í GILDI type II
uprated with 3-aur I Gildi stamp to Germany.

Reverse of the card at left with an interesting statement:
"von den seltene 8+8 aur i gildi karten ...."


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