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Einföld spjöld Tvöföld spjöld Spjaldbréf Prentspjöld Loftbréf
Single Postcards.
A card from the third printing (140x89 mm)
came to Iceland 16 January 1907 and escaped
the surcharge made only a month later.
3 aurar surcharge 1907 on Christian IX third printing. Card size 140x89 mm
A Philatelic rarity is not only a matter of money. Let's take a look at the card at left. Very well known 5 aurar denomination picturing the Danish King Christian IX. A card from a set of four denominations, 3 5, 8 and 10 aurar with first day of issue 24 October 1902. This 5 aurar card is number 19 in Facit, the main catalog of stamps from the Nordic countries.
But this is not the whole story. In fact there are three printings of this card. The first issue was 9000 ex. charac- terised by that T in Til is right under the H in Hjernamegin.
In 1905, the 3 and 5 aur were reprinted, 10000 ex of each denom. and sent to Iceland 28 August. This issue differ from the first one in that T in Til is to the left of H in Hjernamegin. The size of the cards in those two printings is 144x90 mm. The third printing of 5 aurar numbered 20000 ex and came to Iceland 16 January 1907. The T in Til is again to the left of H in Hjernamegin and the size of the card is now 140x89 mm. The strange thing is that there was no need for 5 aurar but the need was great for 3 aurar cards. The local rate. To solve that problem remaining 5 aurar cards, were overprinted with a 3 aurar surcharge. According to an invoice from the printing company Guthenberg, it is clear that 9 January 1907, 5000 cards out of those 10000 from the second printing had be overprinted and 22 February 15000 cards from the third printing and again 2500 in 15 April, leaving only 2500 cards without the overprint. Therefore, cards from the third printing are rare, we know how difficult it is to find those postally used.
A reason for this mass overprint might be that just a month later a new issue was released - the Two Kings issue.


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