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Í GILDI cards with reverse overprint
In the period from October 1902 until July 1903, the Icelandic Postal Authority had all unsold Aurar stamps and Postal Stationery cards overprinted with Í GILDI / '02-'03 in two lines. What actually was behind this decision is not quite clear. New issue of stamps and stationery picturing King Christian IX, was almost on it's way and probably it was found preferably that older issues were then more or less out of sale. To hasten the sale of older issues these were overprinted resulting in a brand new issue, the Í GILDI issue which became very much sought after, especially when it became known that both offset and reverse overprints existed. Catalogs do list the reverse overprints and below is a list of items known to me that in some way or another, unintentionally or by the printer's determination, got an inverted overprint. If you can add to this list please let me know.

Single cards
Issue Value Condition Overprint Notes
1879 5 aurar a
1879 5 aurar c
1895 5 aurar mint II
1900 5 aurar mint I
1900 5 aurar mint III
1880 8 aurar mint I
1880 8 aurar mint II
1880 10 aurar mint I
1880 10 aurar used I
1900 10 aurar mint I
1900 10 aurar used I
Double cards
1896 10+10 aurar
1896 10+10 aurar mint II Extra overprint at left on the reply card.
1904 10+10 aurar Berne-issue IV On back of the reply card

1880. Overprint type II

1900. Overprint type I


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