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Modern Icelandic Postal Stationery.

During the Nordic Philatelic exhibition NORDIA 91, June 27 to June 30, the visitors could send preprinted postal stationery from the show just by approaching one of few PC's put up in the exhibition hall, typing in some message in addition to a standard greeting. Pushing the Enter button the card got a dated postmark and off it went. A name and address was of course a necessity. The standard greetings to choose from were five different ones in four languages, Icelandic, Danish, English and French, giving in fact the possibility of 20 different cards. On the reverse of the card is a picture - a view of the exhibition hall, nearby sporting center, towards the harbor, islands not far from the coast and the mountain Esja in the background, making the card fit also in many different thematic collections.
The cards are rare since they were available only during the exhibition and are not to be found in mint or unused condition.

March 5th 1998 three stationery cards were issued,
35 krónur for inland rate, 45 krónur for postage to the Nordic countries and 65 krónur for postage to other countries.

May 4th 2011 three stationery cards were issued May 4th 2011.

The waterfall Dettifoss in Jökulsá river, Northern Iceland (Postage paid to Europe)

Volcanic eruption in Fimmvörðuháls, Southern Iceland (Postage paid to Europe)

Mudpot in Námaskarð by Mývatn, Northern Iceland - the stamp.
Strokkur geyser in Haukadalur, Southern Iceland - the photo (Postage paid to countries outside Europe)

June 17th 2011 three stationery cards were issued:
50g (75 krónur) for inland rate, 50g (165 krónur) for postage to Europe and 50g (220 krónur) for postage to countries outside Europe.


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