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Stationery cards with pictures from Iceland
Around the turn of the 19th century a Danish Photographer(?), Angus Munck, provided some Icelandic Postal Stationery cards with drawings and photographs of Icelandic views. Obviously A. Munck did not take the photographs himself, just take a look at this page on my web on Icelandic Emigration to North America in the 19th century. That photo is taken in 1881 by the Icelandic photographer Sigfús Eymundsson (1837-1911) born in Vopnafjörður. So A. Munck collected these pictures in Denmark and had the cards printed there.
Please - if you have or know of such cards - let me know. I would like to know on what card and if postally used, where was it sent.

View No. 1. Hekla Volcano
Known to me on 5 aurar card

View No. 3. Reykjavik center and the Lake Tjörnin
Known to me on 5aurar and 10 aurar card

View No. 4. The Dome and the Parlament building
Known to me on 10 aurar card

View No. 5. Vopnafjörður village in East Iceland
Known to me on 5 aurar card

View No. 2. Geysir
Known to me on 5 aurar card

View No. 6. Skógafoss waterfall
Known to me on 5 aurar card


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