Icelandic Postal Stationery
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Einföld spjöld Tvöföld spjöld Spjaldbréf Prentspjöld Loftbréf
Icelandic double postcards were introduced in 1883.
Double card from the issue of 1883, circulating number 3500. One of two inland cards known unsevered, both cards used.
Three denominations were printed by H.H.Thyle in Copenhagen, Denmark, 5 aurar for inland post, 8 aurar for cards to Denmark and 10 aurar for postcards to other countries. The cards arrived from printing to Iceland 21 September. Delivered number from Denmark for each denomination was 3500 ex. The Ministry delivered to the Postmaster in Reykjavik requested number of cards and from there a reasonable number of cards was distributed to the postoffices in the country. And what is a reasonable number? According to the Postmaster in Reykjavik sales register
Reply cards from abroad are scarce and unsevered cards going both ways are really rare.


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