The Emigration from Iceland to North America
23 December 2012   Newsletter - Nr 74

Found my good old Christmas decoration!
 From the desk . . . .
Merry Christmas to all my friends!
Yes, Once again! Christmas is here. And one again I sweep the dust of my old Christmas tree! I keep it from year to year with all the decor, just to ease it for me if I should get strength enough to send you all my best season greetings which I do now with all my humble heart.
Yes, suddenly - there was something that reminded me of that I used to have a lot of friends through the genealogy of Icelandic emigrants to North America. Hopefully I still have :-)
Well, It's my fault if they have forgotten all about me. Have not been much around lately and the so called "Newsletter" I started to write to you years ago (2003), just faded away.
Under my Christmas tree at right, are some links related to Icelandic Christmasses. I presume you read that "wisdom" in due time and now I hope it will refresh your memory to read it again.
Whatever, I want to say to all my good old friends:

I wish you all
a Joyful Christmas season
and a Happy New Year!

 Hvít jól, Rauð jól = White Christmas, Red Christmas
White Christmas are very beautiful and romantic and I can't imagine that anyone can "escape" in these days to hear good old Bing Crosby's classic "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". I grew up in the north of Iceland, in Husavik, and through my childhood all Christmasses are white and beautiful - in my mind. Living in Reykjavik the most part of my adulthood I have had to face - too many times - not white but Red Christmas. Yes, we call it Red Christmas when there is no snow to cover the ground. The adjective "rauður" (red) has more meanings than just to describe a color. It means also "snowless ground". So Rauð jól means snowless ground during Christmas time. And now comes to my mind, Elvis and his "Blue, blue, blue Christmas" :-)
Once again: Merry Christmas!

 Christmas cards
An old Christmas card, like this and sent from Iceland around 1900, is most likely to be found amongst letters and writings in boxes and albums left by your grand- or Great grandparents.
Tell me if you find some.
Christmas cards were of course also sent to relatives in Iceland. This is from 1915.

 Pictures from Iceland - Great gifts to friends and family members
Mats Wibe
Click on Mats Íslandsmyndasafn and browse through what is just a tiny bit of Mats Wibe Lund's huge picture gallery of places all over in Iceland. If you really want a fine picture of where your ancestors lived, just contact him.